Festival Program

Virtual cinema at the 5th Einsiedeln Film Festival

This year at the Einsiedeln Film Festival, we present you virtual cinema in cooperation with “We are cinema”. In VR cinema, you are not just sitting in the audience. The film takes place around you and you are part of the film. This makes VR cinema very intense. We will show you 8 short films to experience virtual cinema.

Come to the Einsiedeln Film Festival to explore virtual cinema and other highlights!


This year’s film festival takes place during four days from 14th to 17th of May 2020 at Cineboxx Einsiedeln. The programme 2020 is divided into different blocks:

Thursday afternoon, 14th of May 2020, 13.30-16.30

Cinema for Youth

13.30-16.30 Introduction: the history of cinema

«Chuskit», Priya Ramasubban (India, 90 min)

8 Short films «Virtual Cinema»

Thursday evening, 14th of May 2020, 18.00-22.00

Short Animation

18.00 Door opening

18.15 Official opening ceremony EFF 2020

18.30-20.30 10 short films

«Rooted», Edwin Schaap (Austria)

«Wrapped», Roman Kälin (Switzerland)

«Formic», Roman Kälin (Switzerland)

«Maise», Roman Kälin (Switzerland)

«Like and Follow», Tobias Schlage (Germany)

«Kids», Michael Frei (Switzerland)

«Why Slugs Have No Legs», Aline Hochli (Switzerland)

«Dear Basketball», Glen Kean (United States)

«Tango», Roman Rybczynski (Poland)

«Cathedra», Tomasz Baginski (Poland)

20.45-22.00 Get together with film makers

Friday evening, 15th of May 2020, 18.00-22.00

Sabine Boss – a Swiss film maker

18.00 Door opening

18.15-19.45 «Verdacht» (Switzerland, 90 min)

19.45-20.15 Interview with Sabine Boss

20.30-22.00 «Jagdzeit» (Switzerland, 90 min)

Saturday evening, 16th of May 2020, 16.00-22.00

Young Talent

16.00 Door opening

16.15-17.45 «Inside Afganistan», Roman Gieger (Switzerland, 90 min)

18.15 Presentation of Young Talent 2020

18.30-20.00 5 short films

«Nach zwei Stunden waren zehn Minuten vergangen», Steffen Goldkamp (Germany)

«Yori», Hae-Sup (Switzerland)

«Fulsee», Christina Benz (Switzerland)

«All Cats Are Grey in the Dark», Lasse Linder (Switzerland)

«She Runs», Qiu Yang (China/France)

20.15-22.00 Get together with film makers (with live music)

Sunday afternoon/evening, 17th of May 2020, 14.00-21.00

Short Life Action & Award Ceremony of all categories

14.00 Door opening

14.30 Presentation of the short life action category

15.00-16.30 4 short films

«Timecode», Juanjo Giménez Peña (Spain)

«The Silend Child», Chris Overton (UK)

«Skin», Guy Nattiv (United States)

«Derainement», Vincent Lambe (Ireland)

16.30-17.00 Break & catering

17.00-18.00 3 short films

«Margerite», Marianne Ferley (Canada)

«The eleven oclock», Derin Seale (Australia)

«Watu Wote – All of us», Katja Bernrath (Germany)

18.10-19.00 Panel discussion with film makers

19.00 Award ceremony of all categories

19.15-21.00 Get together with film makers (with live music)

Kategory – International Short Life Action

Director: Juanjo Giménez

Kategory – Young Talents

Director: Huma Butt und Roman Giger

Kategory – Animation

Director: Roman Kaelin