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The organisation team is headed by:


Grazyna Scheiwiller

Grazyna launched the Film Festival in Einsiedeln in 2015. Since then she is running the Festival annually. Grazyna is responsible not only for the logistics and organisation of the whole event but also for the selection of the movies.


Viktoria Gazdag – Guest Management

Viktoria is caring for our special guests. She manages and coordinates accommodation, transportation and well-being of the film makers from all around the world. She takes care of logistical needs and assures translation services within the exchange discussions and interactions between film makers and local visitors.

The organisation team is supported by the Advisory Board. This board contributes with ideas, specific expertise and experience in the movie and cinema industry. The board is also part of the professional jury of the Young Talents award category.


Rolf Breiner

Einsiedeln Film Festival advisor and jury

Rolf loves cinema and visions. Since many years he is involved in the Locarno Film Festival supporting the Semaine de la Critique. His journalistic work and engagement goes beyond movies, cinema and television; he also works for as copywriter, proofreader and editor in other areas.